Recording & Production

From solos or chamber groups to full orchestras on location, we specialize in recording ensembles of all sizes and genres. Our services include coordinating studio bookings tailored to your needs, managing the entire process from recording to editing, mixing, and mastering. Equipped with industry-leading Pyramix MassCore, Horus converters by Merging, a complete set of Grace preamps, and a vintage array of German condenser microphones, we ensure state-of-the-art audio quality for every project

Immersive Audio

Wingbeats Recording Studio is a certified Atmos mixing facility, with a proven track record of delivering Atmos and immersive masters to major labels including Warner Records, Decca, and Universal Music Group.

Our achievements include pioneering Atmos mixes for Stile Antico’s Grammy-winning album, “Josquin.”

Whether your project is currently mixed for stereo or surround, entrust it to us for expert remixing in Dolby Atmos, binaural, or other immersive formats.

Our experienced engineer will guide you through the creative process, while our team handles all technical aspects to ensure your final masters meet industry standards.


Our mixing projects span from advertising jingles and audiobooks to solo or chamber albums and orchestral film scores. We aim to enhance your artistry with mixes that are dynamic, transparent, and musical

Music Video & Production

Elevate your audio mixes to include visual brilliance at Wingbeats Recording Studio.

Our facility not only captures pristine audio but also works with clients to create music videos to bring your recordings to life. Whether you’re a solo artist or a band, trust us to blend top-tier audio with stunning visuals, delivering a cinematic experience that resonates with your audience.

Voiceover Recording

Specializing in ADR and advertising, our experienced staff, treated sound booth, cutting-edge equipment, and remote production capabilities (via SourceConnect, Audiomovers, or Zoom) ensure reliable, professional results.

Utilizing our field recording kit, we offer location sound for video shoots, alongside ADR, Foley, sound effects creation, underscore editing, and surround ixing in our state-of-the-art post-production room, nhancing every aspect of your project