Discover Wingbeats Recording Studio, a premier audio facility on the East Coast. For over a decade, Wingbeats has been the choice for A-list talent and top film, television, and gaming studios. Nestled on Cape Cod’s serene shores, our studio offers a peaceful retreat from Boston’s hustle, with no parking or traffic woes. Specializing in music recordings of all sizes, ADR and advertising, our seasoned team, acoustically treated booth, cutting-edge equipment, and remote production capabilities (via SourceConnect, Audiomovers, or Zoom) ensure reliable, professional results.

Moreover, Wingbeats Recording Studio is celebrated for its award-winning Atmos mixes, serving renowned labels like Warner Records, Decca, and Universal Music Group. Whether you need stereo, surround, Dolby Atmos, binaural, or other immersive formats, bring us your multitrack recordings for a transformational remixing experience.

The Team

Dan Pfeiffer

Dan Pfeiffer has been working at Wingbeats recording studio for the last twelve years. He specializes in immersive post-production and classical location recording. His Atmos work as engineer and assistant includes projects for Arts Empowering Life, Gloriae Dei Cantoes, UMG, Warner Music, Jacob Collier, and an album that won the first-ever “Spatial Audio” UK Gramophone award. Dan’s recording work ranges from voiceover for Bethesda Games to orchestral and choral work.

Out of the studio, Dan has done audio-visual design and installation work for MIT as well as performance and broadcast facilities in New England. He is an active performer and lends his musicianship to all of his engineering work.

Alex Pugsley

As an enthusiastic devotee to videography, music, and art, Alex Pugsley is a passionate young artist who loves to tell stories and find beauty and truth in his work. He started Falcon Visuals as a side job in 2021 as the COVID 19 pandemic drew to a close. He has four years of experience piloting drones, the last two of which have been flown as an FAA Part 107-certified UAV (Unmanned Aerial System) pilot. Lastly, he is always looking forward to working with new people and old friends on their next project.

John Jordan

John, a runner and pipe organ player, loves a diverse selection of music from Vierne to Pat Metheny to Luke Combs! Years of percussion training and pipe organ building has fostered a love for both wiring and sound. He is always down for a good conversation over coffee, and looks forward to meeting you!